At Hoerr Nursery, you have the opportunity to work with a team of experienced, knowledgeable tree experts. In addition to the Certified Arborists on staff, our horticulturists, and Illinois Certified Nursery Professionals, have worked in the business for well over 25 years. We know and love our trees, and we can help!

When you are searching for the perfect yard tree or even a BIG tree – whether you want to plant it yourself or have it planted by our professional installation crews or by our Big Tree Spade – Hoerr Nursery is the place to begin.

Why Visit Hoerr Nursery for Your Trees?

  • You can select the exact tree that you want from one of our tree farms.

  • Hoerr Nursery plants over 1000 trees each year – that’s a lot of trees! We have the experience to handle your planting assignment.

  • The experts at the nursery stay current on issues surrounding trees, so they are best able to make a recommendation to you to meet your needs.

  • All the supplies you will need for planting a tree yourself are available in one stop at the Hoerr Nursery Garden Center.

Tree Services

Hoerr Nursery tree services include:

  • Delivery and planting

  • Tree spade planting

  • Tree moving – depending on size of the tree

  • Pruning for small trees – we can prune trees below 15 ft tall. We recommend hiring a professional tree service for larger trees.

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