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Commercial services

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Hoerr Nursery offers commercial services to contractors and landscaping professionals. Our commercial hardscaping supplies, plant material, and expert services allow you to concentrate on getting the job done.

contractor discount

Hoerr Nursery offers a commercial percentage discount on materials. If you are a contractor or operate a professional groundskeeping department through your business or school, ask us about our rebate program.

we deliver

We offer job-site delivery on materials from as little as ½ ton and up! Our custom “Big John” Tree Spades allow for large tree delivery and planting.

“Weigh & Pay”

Hoerr Nursery offers a one-and-done facility for all your professional landscaping needs. Our material is sold by the ton, and our no fuss “Weigh & Pay” system allows you to get in and out with the materials you need fast.

order ahead of time

Save even more time by ordering plant material before you arrive. We’ll have it ready for pickup so that you can get the job done faster.

expert advice

Need recommendations on exactly which plants and hardscape materials to use on your project? At Hoerr Nursery, our experts can help you find the right materials for the job. We offer expert advice on everything from suitable plants, trees, building materials and more. Our horticulturists can even help you diagnose plant problems.

Project estimator

Use our calculator below to estimate how much material you’ll need for your project*

*(Price/ton subject to change. Calculator is for estimations only. Final pricing will be calculated on site.)