At Hoerr Nursery, landscape design is our specialty. We have been growing and designing for you since 1926.


Our goal is to create a stunning landscape for your home. One that matches your needs as well as the architecture of your home. Serving Peoria and the surrounding communities, we provide highly skilled landscape designers and landscape architects. Whether you want to update an existing landscape or create a new one from scratch, we are here to help you achieve it. If you want to do it all at once or in stages, our designers work with you and your budget.

Your designer will get to know you and your property in order to craft the best landscape design possible. We believe that a truly great landscape begins with understanding your personal lifestyle. Knowing your goals and expectations for your landscape is key to creating a landscape you will enjoy. Once we get to know you, our landscape specialists begin their design process.

Jeff Hoerr - Head Of Landscape Design

Jeff Hoerr - Head Of Landscape Design


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