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We invite you to wander through our beautiful grounds and greenhouses. Our aim is to inspire.

At the Garden Center, we are here to help you build the garden and landscape of your dreams! That is why we carry a dynamic selection of landscaping plants and products that will help you enhance and discover the beauty of your yard. Whether you hope to plant colorful annuals for curb appeal, mulch your garden beds, or lay your first vegetable garden, our Garden Center has the products and experienced staff you need to help finish any project on your “to-do” list. 

Full Service Garden Center

The Garden Center at Hoerr Nursery is unique in providing you a one-stop shopping experience for all your landscape and gardening needs. Hoerr Nursery is known for offering the unusual and hard-to-find plants and products. As you stroll through the garden center, we hope the following products and services will inspire you:


garden center plants & Trees

outdoor living

Landscapes are for more than just looking at. Let Hoerr Nursery make your landscape livable with our selection of outdoor living furniture, fireplaces, fire pits, kitchens. Create your perfect space with our unique selection of pottery and ornaments, wind chimes, gazing balls, and statuary.

High Quality Plants Warranted


We have confidence in our plants. Whether they were grown in our nursery or brought in by our trusted growing partners, we stand behind our winter-hardy plant material. Because of our exceptional cultural and planting practices, we are able to provide a full one-year limited warranty.


If you need to inquire about a plant that has failed, we request that you bring your sales receipt with you. Every winter-hardy plant for which you paid full price OR sale price, is eligible for a one-time complete replacement if it fails within the first year. Refunds cannot be given in cash.

For Clearance-priced Winter-Hardy Items (anything priced below 50% of the original price) a credit is given toward plant material equal to the purchase price.

It is best to report any problems with your plant material as soon as you discover it. We may be able to offer a solution to revive the plant.

Hoerr Nursery is pleased to offer this warranty because we proudly stand behind our carefully grown and tended hardy plant material. Thank you for choosing your landscape plants from Hoerr Nursery. We strive for your satisfaction!

This one-year warranty covers these plants whether you do your own planting or Hoerr Nursery plants for you. If Hoerr Nursery does the planting, the labor is also warranted.

This warranty applies to all winter-hardy plant material, (plants that can withstand a typical Peoria-area winter) including:

  • trees

  • evergreen

  • shrubs

  • roses

  • perennials

This warranty does not apply to:

  • annuals

  • tropical plants

  • house plants

  • tender perennials

  • marginal perennials

  • sod

  • water-plants

  • oxygenators

  • and other non-hardy varieties