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The Plant Pharmacy is a gardener’s best friend. Find all the products you need to keep your plants healthy and free of weeds, disease, and insects.

Disease Control

Whether your plant is battling leaf spot or a canker on the stem, you can find what you need to nurse it back to health! If you’re not sure what is ailing your plant, bring in a leaf or stem sample and we’ll help you identify and resolve the issue.

Insect Control

When insects strike your plants you can turn to the professionals at Hoerr Nursery for help. We encourage the use of an Integrated Pest Management approach, and all of our recommendations are based on the University of Illinois pest control guidelines.

Weed Control

Our horticulturalists like to say “a weed is just a plant out of place.” If your weeds are becoming a problem, we can help you identify a solution to eliminate them. From broadleaf weeds to grass-type weeds, we have products to control them all.


Treat your containers and hanging baskets to some TLC and watch them bloom! We have slow release and water soluble fertilizers to get your plants growing, as well as soil amendments and micronutrients like sulphur and lime.