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landscape design peoria il

At Hoerr Nursery, our goal is to make a stunning landscape design for your Peoria area home. That is why we provide highly skilled landscape designers and landscape architects who will get to know you and your property in order to craft the best design possible. We believe that a truly great landscape design begins with understanding your personal lifestyle and knowing your goals and expectations for your landscape. Then our landscape specialists begin their design process.

Professional or DIY Installation

At Hoerr Nursery, we like to give you options. We know there are a number of DIY enthusiasts in the Peoria area. That’s why we offer you the choice to either have our landscape specialists build the space we design or to build it yourself.

Do-It-Yourself Option: “We Design, You Install”

landscape design peoria il

We will equip you with an overall design and goal for your space. Our landscape design will focus on accentuating the purpose of your space. It will also detail the plants that will go well in each location, and propose the plans for any focal points for the garden.

Then, using plants and other materials from our nursery, you can complete the plan on your own. The DIY option is great for those of you who like working outdoors, who have experience in landscaping, or who want to save some money on installation.

landscape design peoria il

Professional Landscape Design & Installation

After our landscape design experts draft an excellent plan for your Peoria property, which combines your landscaping goals with the lay of the land, we will proceed to make it a reality. Using the finest materials and plants from our nursery, we will install each element of your landscape design with the utmost care.

Call Our Landscape Design Team Today!

If your landscape could use a makeover, reach out to Hoerr Nursery today and talk to our landscape design specialists about what you have in mind. Contact us online or call us at 309-689-2501. For more, please visit our pages on Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance and Your Own Private Gardener.